Living a more creative life. Starting now.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved being creative. Be it painting. Or pottery. Or doing a B&W photography course,  there was always something I was doing to get my creative juices flowing. And then it suddenly stopped. Probably around the time I started working full time which was over 11 years ago and as much as I tried to continue, inevitably my creative mojo disappeared. Until now. I’ve made a pact to start living a more creative life. Starting now. So here it begins.

Step one was a Kikki K DIY workshop which gave me some cute and clever ideas for gorgeous ways to wrap gifts, make sweet handmade cards and beautiful memory keeping ideas.


Step two was pushing myself out of my comfort zone with a Blog Society and Lulu Lucky Modern Calligraphy class. I had never properly written with a fountain pen let alone a calligraphy pen so I found it somewhat challenging at first but once I let go of my fear of failure, I found it much easier. And I just went with the flow (pardon the pun).

Modern calligraphy class with Blog Society and Lulu Lucky

Modern calligraphy class with Blog Society and Lulu Lucky